Friends and family just got a little closer with your own Sprint IP Relay Number (10 digit local number).

Ten Digit NumbersFast access to a Relay operator with your 10-digit number for Sprint IP Relay service. In an emergency, 911 will have access to your location information through Sprint IP Relay’s number. Unregistered IP callers will not be able to make or receive non-emergency relay calls.

Unregistered IP callers will not be able to make or receive non-emergency relay calls

Download Instructions

Click here to download instructions; How to get your Sprint Relay IP Number

Benefits for Hearing Callers
  • Fast connections.
  • Dial a IP user’s number to connect with them through Sprint IP.
  • No need to remember an IP number.
Benefits for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Callers
  • Your location information is sent to a 911 operator through a Sprint Relay operator.
  • Important: It is the responsibility of the IP user to update their location information in their Account Profile at to connect with the nearest emergency dispatcher.
  • Let friends, family, and business associates reach you through Sprint IP or Mobile IP by giving them your Sprint Relay numbers.
Other benefits
  • Transfer your current telephone number from another IP relay provider.
  • When traveling, update your Sprint IP location information from your Blackberry or Windows Mobile device through

Sprint Local Number Registration

For IP or Mobile IP users go to Best of all, let us do the work for you by transferring/porting your local 10-digit numbers to Sprint Relay.

Long Distance Relay Calls

There’s no cost to receive a call using a Sprint Relay number. Non-internet relay callers may incur long distance charges to place calls to IP users, depending on their calling plans.