10-Digit Local Number

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How Does 10-Digit Dialing Work?

Q. How does a hearing person call the local 10-digit number of a deaf or hard of hearing user?

A. Hearing users can use any telephone to call your 10-digit number. After dialing your phone number a relay operator or VI will answer the call and connect it directly to you through or IP Relay, depending on the number you've set up.

Q. Will hearing people pay long-distance charges for calling my Call Now number?

A. Yes, hearing people may be charged long distance, depending on their long distance calling plans. If they are calling you outside of their local calling area, voice users will be billed at the same long distance rate that they would if they were calling a hearing person within the same dialed area. Voice users should contact their telephone or wireless service provider to determine if long distance charges will apply. Sprint will assign a local number based on the closest city in the 10-digit number database.

Q. How are IP Relay calls prioritized for 911 emergency calling?

A. All 911 emergency calls made through IP Relay are prioritized to the top of the queue. 911 emergency calls will be answered by the first available communications assistant ahead of non-emergency calls. With ten-digit numbers, when you make a 911 emergency call through your default provider, your call, along with your ten-digit number and registered location information, is sent automatically to an appropriate 911 emergency call center. When you make a 911 emergency call through another provider that is not your default, you must provide your location information so your call can be manually routed to an appropriate 911 emergency call center. Making a 911 emergency call through another provider may result in delays.