Sprint IP Relay uses an Internet connection, a computer or mobile device and a relay operator.

You type what you want to say to the operator, then the operator relays the message to your caller and types their response back to you.

Make a Sprint IP Call

Register a 10 Digit Number

Features and Benefits

  • Save your conversation
  • Choose language preference (English, Spanish)
  • Ability to make Spanish language relay calls
  • Ability to make Two-line Voice Carry Over (VCO) calls
  • Ability to make Two-line Hearing Carry Over (HCO) calls
  • Change font size/colors and background colors
  • Text Mail Option Store your preferences
  • Live online chat with Sprint Relay Customer Service
  • Make 911 emergency calls


  • Internet connection (DSL, Cable, WiFi, 3G/4G etc.)
  • Major Internet browser such as (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari) that are supported by the manufacture.
How Sprint IP Relay Works