A tablet-style telephone with a large, touch-screen display and helpful menu graphics.

Ideal for people who prefer a contemporary telephone design. Also includes touch-key dialing pad – letting users dial with traditional number buttons if they prefer.

CapTel 2400i

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Features and Benefits

  • Large tablet-style display allows for variety of font sizes, colors for easy readability
  • Touch screen functionality allows for easy navigation through menu options
  • Traditional dialing keypad for comfortable, familiar dialing on number pad instead of onscreen
  • Contemporary design for users who prefer a high-tech appearance
  • Powerful amplification and frequency/tone control for optimal sound quality targeted to individual’s hearing needs
  • Memory dialing allows for easy one-touch dialing of frequent phone numbers
  • Built in answering machine records voice messages and shows captions of the messages
  • Ergonomic HAC handset for maximum hearing comfort
  • WiFi or Ethernet compatible


  • High-Speed Internet* or WiFi service
  • Standard electrical power
  • Router**

*Customers who do not have high speed Internet service should consider the CapTel 840
** Depending on your internet setup, a router may also be required to connect more than one device to your Internet service (if not using WiFi service to connect the CapTel 2400i phone)

How Sprint CapTel 2400i Works