Challenge your perspective when it comes to clear conference calls.

Sprint Relay Conference Captioning (RCC) combines real-time captioning and voice relay service through one internet connection. A fully-customizable transcript window allows you to follow the meeting comment-by-comment.

Click to view a live demo using the demo number 999999998 for Event ID at login!

Using the same high-quality captioners that produce closed captioning for television, you can receive live, real-time text streamed to an Internet-connected computer anywhere in the world. A high-speed Internet connection is required.

Participants can follow along with the dialogue by reading it on-screen as it is spoken and captioned. In order to fully participate in the discussion, a text entry window is provided for you to type to your captioner. Your comments/questions will be spoken on your behalf by the captioner at the earliest break in the discussion or where appropriate. As the captioner is speaking on your behalf, you’ll see your original text to the captioner added to the real-time streaming display. All captioned dialogue is added to an event transcript if the transcript service has been requested at the time the event was scheduled.

Features and Benefits

  • Receive live, real-time text streamed to a computer 
  • Connect to group conversations in a videoconference and multi-party conference call
  • High-quality captioners 


  • Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
  • JavaScript and cookies enabled in the browser Microsoft Windows 7 or newer, OS X
  • High Speed Internet or 3G/4G* wireless network service required.
  • No need to download software.

* Data charges may apply


RCC is available for the following:

How Relay Conference Captioning Works